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The new Spring/Summer 21 collection by Gianni Del Prete is a real "praise" to women and their femininity.

It is entirely inspired by art, where art represents any form of human activity as proof or exaltation of his inventive talent and expressive capacity. Art therefore means "knowing how" and through "the fruits" of this "knowledge", transmitting emotions. Art is communication, where communication means expression, expressing a thought, a concept, an idea, a shape, an emotion, a lifestyle. It is the expression of the self and of one's ego, stripping one's soul bare, experimenting and rediscovering one's potential.

The shoe therefore represents an art form that comes to life, through the action of the woman who wears it, to convey emotions.

It is therefore clear that there is no expression without action. It is the action that allows you to transmit passions, ideas and tell stories. And what art is better able to communicate and convey emotions, through action, if not dance? In particular the dance of Noverre and Martha Graham, who were the ones who ventured into experimentation and innovation, and intended dance as an art able to tell and excite.

The worn shoe comes to life, transforms into a body capable of transmitting emotions. It highlights women's movements, but it is also a symbol of emancipation, research, experimentation. Explore the space, try to overcome your limits, research new shapes, new lines. It reinterprets the past in a contemporary key to keep up with the times, giving shape and life to innovative and diversified styles.

The shoes we choose to wear represent us. They act as a filter between what we are in our deepest self, and how we want to appear, how we want to make ourselves known in the eyes of those who see us. They tell who we are, how we are and how we feel. They mark, as in Martha Graham's dance, the boundary between interiority and the outside world. They enhance sensuality, which indicates an important dimension of the feminine. They allow you to feel natural, spontaneous, fluid and flowing, and to appear as such.

The contemporary woman must be able to feel at ease, in her body and in her movements, through the shoe she chooses to wear, and which therefore represents her. Gianni Del Prete with his new collection celebrates and enhances the femininity and potential of every woman, who can and must feel special every day.

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