The Brand

Emotion, Experience and Innovation

The production has stood out from the outset for the quality and comfort of its shoes, made with great attention not only to the processing and creation of the products, but also to the fashion and stylish imprint of the collections.

An artisan shoe is the result of study, research, knowledge and training. The attention and meticulous attention to detail make every single shoe a unique and special piece. From the idea, to the sketch, to the realization, to the finished product, everything has always been done, with the involvement of professionals in the sector, in full coherence with the values ​​of Made in Italy.

Strengthened by the experience gained in over 40 years of work, dedicated to the design and creation of women's footwear, for the most important national and international luxury brands, Gianni Del Prete in 2018 decided to pour all his knowledge into a totally new project.

“Offer the quality of luxury at an affordable price”

With these premises, Gianni Del Prete places the real value of the product at the center of his project, focusing on the passion and attention that the new generations of consumers have shown to have towards quality and craftsmanship, which only the true Made In Italy can give.

“This is not a revolution, but rather an evolution”

The goal is to cultivate knowledge and appreciation of these values, not only through the use of an excellent workforce and top quality materials, but above all by conceiving a new way of distributing that allows us to cut all typical retail mark-up costs.

“From our laboratory directly to your home”

We aim for direct communication, without intermediaries. We want to make the shopping experience as relaxing and transparent as possible. Anyone from the comfort of their home can have their favorite model delivered the next day and if they change their mind or number, the return is at our expense.